Powering the future

Manufactured in the UK

At Harbon Wind Turbines our aim is to provide our customers with a great return on their renewable energy investment. We design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain wind turbine systems to the market place.


Each turbine has a 60kW rating and is designed for different environments. Our turbine can be connected to a standard 100A three phase supply.





Built to Last


Our machines are very well engineered to give you confidence that they will deliver performance for the lifetime of the tariff.




For Life Guarantee


The turbine comes with a standard 5 year guarantee, you have an option to extend this for life with the Harbon Guarantee Scheme giving you piece of mind for your investment.

Robust Solutions


Our turbines are designed to endure the climatic challenges in the British Isles. Our designs have been validated in the extreme storms in the north west of Scotland giving you the confidance that your investment is fit for purpose.

Proudly made in Yorkshire




Excellence in Customer Service


The aim of Harbon Wind Turbines is to provide you with a high and consistent level of service with a strong focus on customer care. Every effort is made to ensure your investment is monitored and maintained to a high standard.