A site survey is required to determine suitability of your site, windspeed and grid connection. A cost analysis can then be carried out and a feasibility report issued.



You will need to submit a full planning application for our wind turbine. Details of size, output, location and impact on the environment etc will be required. We can take care of this process for you if required. The process can take up to 3 months depending on the local planning office.

Free Wind Turbine?

Depending on the site location and windspeeds, we can introduce an investor to purchase the turbine and realise the tariff. This would give you options for land rental and cheap electricity for the lifetime of the turbine.


We can offer up to 100% asset based finance for our turbine. There is provision in this to accomodate our payment terms in the package. We would also recommend that you talk to your bank regarding a loan for the best rates.

Can I help with the Installation of my Turbine?


We will normally accommodate owners of turbines to help out with trenching, digging of the foundation base etc.


Feed in Tariff

Our turbine falls between the 15kW and under 100kW bracket and is valid for Feed In Tariffs via the ROO-FIT scheme. In a similar manner each installation is accredited after installation and a certificate is issued. The certificate is simply presented to your energy supplier for Feed In Tariff payment.


Our turbine is manufactured in the UK in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The majority of the components are sourced in the UK.


Our turbine will cost a similar amount to insure as a large 4×4 family car.


There are three financial stages of payment for turbines: Initial deposit, Delivery and Commissioning The turbine will take around 8-10 weeks to manufacture. We would ask for evidence of your planning approval before we proceeded with an order.


How is the turbine raised and lowered?


A Hydraulic ram is connected to the foundation and the first section of tower above the hinge. The ram is simply extended until the tower is in the upright position, we then bolt and torque the tower up. The turbine takes around 5 minutes to erect.

Press play on the video below this in progress.