Introducing the New HWT60 Class II Turbine

Do you have a good wind speed location that requires a robust solution?

Are you limited to a 100A three phase supply for your turbine?

Is a robust well-built machine important to you?

How important to you is it that the turbine is manufactured in the UK?

Is a lifetime guarantee something you would need for your piece of mind?

Does a proven track record in customer service sound attractive?


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Low wind variable speed turbine.

Changes in the rotor speed in response to the wind conditions allows maximum efficiency of the turbine.

The HWT60L large bladed machine is built to survive storms in up to 133mph to the IEC Wind Class II.

Monopole tower options available.

Outstanding yields in low wind speeds.

Engineered for life.




Safety is at the heart of the turbines control system, the four main features that protect the turbine from overspeed are:-


Ultimate control using a variable speed drive (VSD)

Discharging the energy to a braking resistor (on power loss)

Applying the fail safe rotor brake – ultimate stop (on power loss)

Independant mechanically sprung blade tip brakes

Engineered for life

Information Downloads

Download the PDF documentation below to view the HWT60 information. If you require any further information, please get in touch here.