Harbon wind turbines

Harbon Wind Turbines have a proven history for the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of medium sized 60kW wind turbines. The turbine is durable, efficient, safe and quiet in operation. The design philosophy for unit has been to produce a high quality turbine with reliable good quality components. The towers have been specially designed for us by Hutchinson Engineering to provide a robust tower solution for our turbine. Safety is at the heart of the control system of the turbine. There are four safety features of the wind turbine:-


Ultimate Control using a Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

Discharging the energy to a braking resistor (on power loss)

Applying the fail safe brake – ultimate stop (on power loss)

Independant mechanically sprung blade tip brakes

Engineered for life

All aspects of the turbine system are monitored mechanically and environmentally. Any faults with the turbine result in a controlled shut down of the system

We have two product variations to for different envisonments:

HWT60 – High Wind Machine


A high wind speed turbine for difficult to access areas. This turbine is designed to withstand winds up to 150mph and can be installed by farm machineary with it’s modular construction. Generally the hyraulic tower is used for this turbine.


HWT60L – Large


The HWT60L is the new larger swept area turbine designed for winds up to 133mph. This is the first turbine by Harbon Wind Turbines to have a 30M monopole tower option (Non Hydraulic). However a 24M tower option will be available.


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